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Don’t Let Your Pets Mess up Your Home Sale

There are five ways that our wonderful pets can ruin home sales. I’ll explain how to solve these problems today.

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I have a pet and I love animals but, unfortunately, pets can mess up your home sale. After all, the way we live in our home every day is different from the way we live in it after it has been on the market. Here are five things you need to pay attention to when selling a home with pets: 

1. Tufts of fur: If you have a cat or dog that sheds, you need to clean up the extra fur that gathers around the house so that your home doesn’t look messy. 

2. Floor stains: Redo your hardwood floors if need be and make sure that any pet stains are cleaned out of the carpet.

Clean up any pet stains to the best of your ability.

3. Pet odors: You can get used to the smell when you live there, but you don’t want buyers to walk in and think your house smells like wet dog. Pet stores sell products, like candles, that will cover up pet odors without being too overwhelming. 

4. Scratches and dings: Puppies love to chew and scratch at things. If you have marks on your furniture, there are special pens out there that can cover those up. Pay attention to your windowsills and doors, as dogs tend to scratch on those as well. 

5. Bowls, pet beds, and litter boxes: Put away all of the pet paraphernalia that you can and make sure that the litter box is clean; buyers don’t want to see or smell that. 

Take care of these five things so that your home shows well. If you have any other questions about selling with pets or about the home-selling process in general, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!